Thursday, January 10, 2013

Safari Nails

These are my nails that I did as a contest entry for the Rite Aid Nail Extravaganza Contest last year. 
Unfortunately, I didn't win, but I love what I did. I just wanted to write a disclaimer, for those of you who have seen my entry in the contest, so you wouldn't just think that I stole these images.
Starting from the left we have a cheetah, a zebra, an antelope, a giraffe, and "the King of the Jungle", a lion.
 Here, we have an elephant, a tiger, a leopard, an octopus (just because), and last but not least, a black panther.

I am thinking of starting a nail tutorial channel, to show others how to create beautiful nail art, and will take requests. This particular design will not be featured there, because of the time consuming nature, but I will try to come up with an easier version of these nails. I also plan on recreating designs I have seen online, so that people can learn how to do nails they've run across on,, and the google and yahoo search engines. If you have any nail designs in particular you want me to recreate, leave a comment down below, or email me a picture at . I will also do swatches of nail polishes, and tell you which ones are my favorites and why, aswell as dupes and cheaper alternatives to nail products.