Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Monstrously Mini Day 3: Favorite Candy/Treat

Monstrously Mini Day 3: Favorite Candy/Treat. This design is inspired by Wonka Nerds, which is what I always went for. I hate (and am allergic to) chocolate, so I usually tend to lean towards the more tart type of candy. That, or hot cinnamon type candy. Pretty much anything that gives you sour jaw or burns your tongue, because insanity rules my world (Warheads and Hot Tamales, what up?) Anyways, I actually came up with this design last year, but I never ended up taking pictures of it, so technically this a 2.0. Also this was such a pain in the rear to paint, because I had some mad hiccups. It took a bit longer, but I still think they turned out pretty darn cute. xx Sara

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