Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dot Nails

Aww yeah! Guess who's back, back again? Sara's back, tell a friend. Sorry I've been gone for a bit, I'll kind of update you on my health and jazz, after I start my intravenous treatment. That will probably be up on my on my tumblr in a few-ish weeks. Anyways, the lovely Allison from Born Pretty Store contacted me, and asked if I wanted to try out any of their products. I had browsed through the shop plenty of times, so of course I was willing to try some stuff out. 
Using some of their products, this is the design I came up with. On the pinky I used the 0000 brush (I hate striping tape, so I always free hand my lines), and the largest setting on the green dotting tool. For my ring finger, I just have one of the set pearls, and one of the second largest gold flatbacks. My ring finger is just dots, again using the largest setting on the green dotting tool. Finally, the design on my pointer finger is done using the 0000 brush, and another set pearl. I used the 0000 brush to free hand the circles, because I didn't have a dotting tool large enough to get the look I was trying to achieve.
These are the brushes that I picked out (I apologize for the paint on them, I had just finished using them, and didn't think to clean them off before taking the picture). These are the '4 pcs Acrylic Uv Gel Nail Art Paint Drawing Brush Kit' (#465), and they retail for $2.46. This is my first actual brush change in probably a good year or so. The only brush I use is my Winning Nails Sable Nail Art Brush from Sally's (I have five, if that says anything), and I haven't changed brushes since picking it up. I have tried quite a few others, but none of them have fit my bill, so I just stick with that one. With that in mind, I was a bit hesitant when picking out these, but I figured what the heck, let's try them out. I'm glad I did, because I think they may have beat out the Sally's brush, and that's saying something. Of course I'm still going to use my Sally's one, but I think these are my new go-to brushes. I'm kind of a paint-aholic, so i've been using these to paint everything, not just my nails. I've made some mean ornaments with these. I also really wanted to give everything a good try, because I am not someone who is going to say that something is amazing, if it's terrible, just because someone sent it to me for free. So I do truly love these, and the price is much more economical than the sable brush from Sally's, considering these are $2.46 for four brushes, and that is $4.79 for one. (Sorry if I keep bringing that brush up, but it was my holy grail brush for a VERY long time, so if I like these ones just as much/more than that one, that's really saying something.)
Next up, I picked out this dotting tool set, '5x 2way Dotting Pen Marbleizing Tool' (#515)
which retails for $4.74. I've seen this set before on this site, and others, and it's been on my get-list for a while, I just never got around to purchasing it. As you can see in the top picture, the top part of the pink dotting tool came unattached, which I didn't realize until I used them, because it looked perfect in the packaging (and sorry, there's some white paint on it.) It's no big deal, I just super glued it, and it works perfectly fine. I just wanted to let you know, so if it happens to one of yours, you can just fix it no problem. I will say though, that I checked all of the other dotting tools I recieved, and they are on there nice and sturdy, so I think the pink one was just some weird fluke.
As far as the use, I think they work perfectly fine, there was no problems using them. I have never owned dotting tools, so I though this was an important staple to my kit. I personally like to free hand, but these work in a pinch. For anyone who isn't able to free hand circles and dots, I think these would work great for them. I will definitely use these for dotting patterns, but when I just need one or two dots, I think I'll just go free hand with the brushes. Side note, these are also super great for sculpting polymer clay. Im not sure how many of you do that, but I love dabbling in all types of mediums, so this is another way I have been using them.
These are the '400Pcs/Box Newly Gold Silver Round Flat Backs' (#17227), and they retail for $4.14. I think they are fun and cute if you like a more 3d nail. I am more into paintings on nails, as opposed to ones that are super jeweled up, but it's something that I really wanted to try out. I have to say, I really liked the way that this design came out, and I think I'm going to incorporate more of this style into the stuff I normally do. Also, this set is not the 400 pc set, I was sent the review set, so your's should include the whole 400 pcs.
Lastly, I picked out the '10Pcs/set Mini Pearl Metal Edge Nail Studs' (#16744) in size number 2 (5mm), and they retail for $2.13. I think this is a really good size, I didn't find it too small, or annoyingly big, so I'm happy with the size I chose. You get ten to a pack, and I have reused them, so as long as you don't lose any, they will last you a while. When I change a design, I just peel it off of the current one, take off the polish on the back, and stick them back into the bag they came in, for later use. Overall, I am very happy with everything, and if there was only one product I could recommend, it would be the brushes. I think they are excellent, and when these ones start to wear down, I will definitely pick up another set (or maybe more.) Also, all of my followers can use my 10% off code on their orders. The code is: SESG10 at checkout.